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Prophex Real Estate & Tourism Advisory is a collaboration of seasoned big4 experts focused on conducting real estate and tangible asset type valuations and managing complex consulting projects, preparing market, economic and financial assessments, energy saving plans, compiling and reviewing financial models, supporting or implementing share or property transactions and selecting and procuring professional operators for various hotel schemes and reviewing operating properties.

We are dedicated to delivering solutions for all types of commercial, hotel, hospitality, leisure and high profile residential real estate. Over more than two decades of activity, we have set up a working group of highly qualified experts with significant proficiency in any given tasks throughout the lifecycle of any commercial real estate.

Our background is enhanced by legal, technical, energy, ESG, HR and business consultants to ensure the highest possible level of integrated, complex and comprehensive service mix available to our clients. Through our multiple disciplines within one firm we add real value to your investments on the European and the global market. See our portfolio of select references.

Prophex Real Estate & Tourism Advisory is led by Richard Németh, Attila Hegedűs, György Rábai and Vivien Verb as key management members of the firm.

Richárd Németh, with over 20 years of consulting experience, established Prophex Real Estate and Tourism Consulting, as one of its co-owners and managing directors.
Over the past two decades, he participated in and managed numerous hotel and tourism projects in Europe, Seychelles, Russia and the CIS including but not limited to the preparation of feasibility studies, due diligences, operator search and contract negotiations and tourism development and market-entry strategies.
Prior to consulting, he was the opening sales manager of the Andrássy Hotel in Budapest, the manager of several major travel agencies, and the director of a hotel in Szeged during his more than 25-year career in the tourism and hotel industry.
His list of clients include major international banks, owners, developers and hotel companies.
Attila Hegedűs has more than 22 years of experience in the field of tourism and hotel consulting. He has been active in the tourism and hotel sector for nearly 30 years.
As a consultant, he has aided developers, hotel companies and banks to conduct market analyses, feasibility and strategic researches in Hungary, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.
Until 2000, he was responsible for the corporate and MICE sales activities of the Holiday Inn hotel in Budaörs, but also got to know the operation of state organizations in the press department of Magyar Turizmus Zrt. He started his career in internships in the food and beverage departments of upscale hotels in Budapest and the USA.
Between 2000 and 2021, he was a key member of two international tourism consulting firms and then in December 2021 became the co-owner and managing partner of Prophex Real Estate and Tourism Consulting.
Attila is a frequent speaker at conferences, moderator of panel discussions and widely requested to comment on various tourism related topics.
György Rábai has more than 25-year real estate market experience, which includes consulting and real estate development experience. He acquired his internships in the real estate markets of a number of European countries.
Since November 2011, he has been leading the real estate appraisal and complex real estate consulting business as a partner of one of the world’s largest professional advisory networks (Prophex Europe).
He has also participated in several large scale real estate development projects in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Germany. The projects he leads range from market analysis, feasibility studies and Best Use concepts to real estate valuation.
György was a member of the Hungarian presidency of RICS for 4 years and also coordinated the Hungarian translation of the Red Book.
Qualifications: BREEAM, EUFIM, RICS registered appraiser.
Vivien Verb has a diverse local and international experience in the field of hotel and tourism consulting. She has been involved in a number of projects in Hungary, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Georgia and Romania as a consultant. She was a key member of the predecessor of Prophex for over 5 years time. She joined Prophex in December 2021. Previously she was a key member of a major hospitality and tourism advisory firm.
She participated in complex operational due diligences, strategic and conceptual due diligences of several 4 and 5 star hotels. Her experience gained in this field is amplified by the fact that among the hotels examined there were corporate resorts entering the open market and hotels operating in highly competitive environments.
Vivien started her professional career in the aviation industry, later studied and worked in Austria in a number of high profile hotels before returning to Hungary to apply her international knowledge base.
Anita Oroszné Mészáros MRICS has more than 20 years of expertise in real estate, primarily of property valuation in the commercial, industrial, logistics, hotel and residential markets.
She managed valuations of numerous large scale real estate development projects, real estate portfolios and individual properties at one of the world’s leading professional advisory firms and at international property companies specialising in commercial real estate services and investments. Anita performed tasks not only in Hungary, but in Austria, Croatia and Kosovo as well, studied architecture and construction in Spain and she also gained experience in construction and project management.
She joined Prophex Europe Consulting in 2023, prior to her current engagement, she was the Head of real estate valuation group at a market-leading credit management company where she managed real estate advisory and valuation of collateral property-, and owned property portfolios.
She is a graduated Technical Manager, Certified Real Estate Expert, EUFIM qualified appraiser. Anita is a member and assessor of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in Valuation.