The travel and tourism industry has never faced such a changing landscape across the world before the pandemic. Travel and tourism companies need to manage pricing and customer relationships in the short term, while retuning their revenue management systems to optimise revenues for the economic recovery.

The key to success is to see the industry's current challenges as opportunities. Customers expect far more from hospitality providers than ever before, as seamless digital experiences in other sectors create a new normal. A desire for personalized service is driving the industry to rethink how to reach and engage with customers.

Our professionals are able to get behind the hotel performance figures and provide in-depth analysis and perspectives on industry trends. We provide strategic planning of market expansion, advisory in creating efficient operating structures in order to raise profits.

We have outstanding experience in the field of hotel, tourism and leisure projects on the Hungarian and Central and Eastern European markets.

Our professional expertise covers the following segments of the hotel and tourism markets: development sites, urban and leisure hotels, campsites, spas and theme parks, ski resorts, golf clubs, mixed-use portfolios, as well as special-purpose properties.

Our services

Market and financial feasibility studies

Tourism strategies, destination management and programming

Quality assurance, action plans, professional support for state and governmental bodies, municipalities

Review of EU/government fund applications and projects

Operator, tenant and franchise selection

Managing operator relations

Pre- opening planning, hotel and restaurant sales and marketing concepts, introduction and fine tuning

Operation support prior opening: marketing, sales, budget preparation

Operation efficiency increases – expense optimization and revenue increase

Energy saving consultancy

Strategic advisory in creating efficient operating structures, assistance in building up a company structure

Solutions for immediate staffing and management issues

Identification of interim or long –term management and operational solutions

Trainings and seminars for hotel mid- and top management level associates